Truecaller Number Tracker 2019| Get All Details Here| APK File

How true is your Truecaller App?

Caller ID was an amusement more than a decade ago. It lost its amusement factor when digital devices became popular.

After devices and apps were evolved, caller ID had its own evolution. While smartphones took its part in our lives, caller ID was in the list of ‘Basics’. Not anymore! Caller ID found its way of evolution through smartphone Apps.

For many of us numbers don’t speak much. In this era of spam calls we need more than what a traditional caller ID would do. That’s where the Truecaller took its spot.

Truecaller is a smart app that is capable of looking up for contact details based on name or telephone number. It has an integrated caller ID service that has the capability of call blocking and also integrates with social media.

Here We will tell you how Truecaller Number tracker can help you find out some vital information about any phone numbers.

Truecaller Number Tracker 2019 Get All Details Here

Truecaller Number Tracker 2019

But before we move ahead first download Truecaller & Number Tracker From here.

Some of the features of Truecaller Number Tracker 2019 are:

  • Works Without Internet Connection.
  • Track Any Mobile Number From Overall India, usa, canada, pakistan And View Location On Map.
  • Implemented With Google 3d Maps. and Full Screen Map View.
  • It Will Show Caller Location Information Like Area And Operator During Incoming And Outgoing Calls.
  • View List Of Your Contacts With Area And Operator Name.
  • View List Of Your Call Logs With Area And Operator Name.
  • Easily Track Caller Location With This App.
  • Call And Message To Your Loved Once Directly From App.
  • Search Any Std Code From Overall India With Auto Complete Suggestions.
  • Find Any Isd Code From World.

For those users who are on Android download the app by following the process below:

  • Click on this link and it will be directed to Google play store.
  • If you’re on smartphone you can install it via File manager for Android
  • If you are on Desktop or laptop, you can install it via Bluestack.
  • After downloading, follow the on screen instructions to install the app on your phone.

For those users who are on iPhone/iOS download the app by following the process below:

  • Click on this link and it will be directed to iOS App store.
  • If you’re on smartphone you can install it via Itunes for Apple
  • If you are on Desktop or laptop, you cam install it via Andy For Mac.
  • After downloading follow the on screen instructions to install the app on your phone.

Once you have download and installed the app on your device. Here is how you can find all the phone number details or mobile number details.

Truecaller has many features to get you all the details on unknown number:

Truecaller Name Search

This features is only available for premium users but trust me it is money worth spending. With Truecaller name search features you can get details about any person using their name.

Now, you may be wondering, how this features can help you. Suppose, you met someone at a party and you know their name and but not able to recall their number. Now, using this feature you can get their number. All you have to do is enter their name and if that person use this app their name will pop up on your screen.

Truecaller Tracker Number Search

This feature is available for free to any users. But make sure you are login using your mail ID or Facebook to get all the features. Once you search any number most of the times it will give you all the details about that unknown number.

Now the question is how true is this Truecaller app ?

The answer is really simple the app is as true as you are. Truecaller is works on a very basic principle- Give and Take.


Well let us clear it!

The moment you register with Truecaller, it asks certain permissions which is obviously the access to your contacts. Imagine the number of contacts in Truecaller database with millions of subscribers. True caller works on this simple philosophy- sharing is caring.

Truecaller also allows you to register only through Gmail and Facebook, which is the most popular social media apps with a very large amount of contacts database. Now you know the secret behind the efficiency of Truecaller.

How that little magic works

Our smartphones are not just messed up with spam data but sometimes a lot with spam calls as well. Sometimes the DND is not just enough. You got to know who that unknown number is. The huge database of Truecaller serves the purpose. The number got to be in someone’s contact list.

Now that you know what it does, let’s look into what you got to do with the info you have got. The spam numbers took its way of evolution too. It is not that easy to look at a number and judge whether it is spam or not. Sometimes you gotta fall and see. But they sure have their own patterns.

Now true callers lets you block numbers based on patterns too. Let’s say that the ad call you want to get rid of starts with same number and only the last few numbers are different each time. Truecaller lets you block number that starts with a pattern too. So you just have to fall once or twice and you know what to do next.

Truecaller also lets you report spam numbers so that it updates it in its database. The next time this call gets triggered Truecaller lets you know how many people reported the same number as spam.

We all have that friend who got a call from an unknown person asking for the OTP received from the bank and got deceived. The fraud calls reported these days has seen a major hike. Help Truecaller to help you. By reporting these numbers, you are not only helping yourselves but also a great number of people.

Now it is also true that sometimes the reported number might not be a spam at all. Now that’s what it is about. Truecaller is as true as you are.

Watch The Video Here To Learn More

Before installing any app we always advise users to completely understand about the app and it’s features or functions.

A complete information about the app you install will help you harness all it’s features.

The same rule goes out for Truecaller users. And, one thing that we are really sure of is this app doesn’t give live location of the phone.

In other words, it can’t give you location details of the unknown number.

But, do not get disappointed, some of Truecaller features are way better than location tracking.  

And, if you’re looking for alternative of Truecaller location tracker. We can recommend you some great free apps which does the work pretty well.

To be really honest there is no such app as Truecaller Location tracker, if it exists it’s a spam.

Not coming to Alternative part,

As most of you already have this app this app on your phone and if you think there is something missing from this app or information is not accurate. Then, we can recommend you some alternative like Truecaller Number Tracker.

This app was available for free on the Google Playstore. But has been removed now.

I have been able to find the place where you can still download the APK file.

We are sharing below, Truecaller number tracker APK download link. Once installed you can start searching and find out details of every unknown number that you get.

Apart from giving you precise details about an unknown number, it won’t ask you to login before giving out any details.

This feature is useful to those users who are looking for Truecaller online search without sign in.

Here are the top three features of this app:

  1. Truecaller Location Tracker App helps you Track Caller or search or Dailer Mobile Number, STD code and ISD code without internet connection.
  2. Truecaller Location Tracker APK will display location of caller with caller name, with City, State information on every incoming calls and Out going calls.
  3. The app will show exact location of caller using Google maps.

I have come across many questions where users ask us how does this app gives out location. However, in reality this app doesn’t give out location details, but gives you basic details like name of the caller, his email id or his Facebook profile ID.

Conclusion: Truecaller Number Tracker 2019 is one of the top features used by many around the world. I feel this the only reliable app which gives correct information upto some extent. Install now and start using the app now.

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