Image Compressor

Whether you want compress image to 10kb online or compress image to 200kb online. We have got it covered here. On techdoobie, we give you multiple options to compress your images online.

Here are few of the tasks that you can easily accomplish:

  • Compress image to 10kb online
  • Compress image to 1mb online
  • Compress image to 200kb online
  • Compress image to 90kb online
  • Compress bmp image online
  • Compress image online free
  • Compress jpeg image to 30kb online

The whole process can be completed in just 3 steps:

1. Upload the photo/image you want to compress
2. Enter the compression size like height and weight of the desired image
3. Give the quality of image that you would wish it to be

and Done! Download the compressed image on your system.

We have kept the steps as simple as possible. But, we even understand you might need some more advanced feature and therefore we are sharing below some the best method and website to compress images online.

Not many of us realize how many times we have struggled to compress or resize an image either while uploading our photo for an application of online exams or government job portals. Mostly we need to compress image to specific size like the popular among users are compress image to 10kb online and compress image to 200kb online.

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And we would think this is just a one time activity. And probably we would get wrong and do it at a later point of time in our life applying for some other exams or job portals.

Yes! We do it more than couple of times but we ignore it as it is very less frequent and most obviously what helps us is the learning we had it when we did it for the first time.

But then again people tend to forget it as the gap or timeline between the last time you did it and now doing it is too long and we again end up googling “How to compress image to 10kb online, 30kb online, 90kb online, 200kb online etc.” Able to guess the pattern? Yes! We tend to do it online and the reason is the frequency, we don’t want a software lying in our system.

In fact the truth is there are some default system in our system that can do it, but might not be as efficient as you need it. In this article you will find 2 smart ways to do it and that too real quick:

Compress Image To 10KB Online

1. Online Compressors

The time has changed and everything is online now, the sole proof of that is our smartphones, switch off that Wi-Fi or mobile data and see how smart your smartphone is. Not smart enough right. It’s so obvious that the smartness rely on a lot of data that lies in the internet. So that’s where all of us are there and lot many of us doesn’t to like install things learn to use it and then do whatever we want to do it. Our needs were heard and if you look at the last decade you can see that all the tools that we need to do our day to day activities has an online instant versions available in the internet. You don’t have to download and then use it, but then you just can use it in the fly in the web interface itself.

So no matter if you have to compress images to as small as 10kb or to some median line 1mb you could just use a web interface. Here are some interesting online services that you could use:


TinyJPG allows you to reduce your image size. All you have to do is upload or your image and the web interface does the magic. TinyJPG has some limitations, it can only compress PNG and JPG files. Though it has the limitation of input format the quality of compression is superior. TinyJPG claims to have the ability to analyze to apply the best possible JPEG encoding. The smart compressor choose the optimal strategy based on the content of the image. And if you are someone who uses image compression or resizing a lot i.e. maybe day-to-day basis or need to do bulk compression, then you could use the pro version. If you are a developer and looking for an API to integrate with an existing solution you have you might be interested to check out the Developer API section in TinyJPG.

If you are someone who wants to do more than compressing and play around with images with capability of compressing as well as converting them to different formats or maybe cropping and editing then you can use Image Resize. Resize not only allows you to compress images but also compress PDFs and also has converter tools that can convert images from PNG to JPEG and vice versa. It also allows you to convert your images from JPG to PDF and vice versa. This is a great tool for academic and official purposes. But make sure that you don’t upload confidential docs on any online tools. For confidential documents it’s always advisable to use softwares that run on local systems.
GIF Compressor

Both the above tools only let you only compress images of JPG and PNG format. If you are looking to compress GIF image online then GIF compressor is the tool you are looking for. GIF compressor allows you to compress GIF images not just a single one at a time but you can also bulk upload and download.

2. Mailing Apps

Many a times you might have observed when you are trying to mail someone a file or an image that is too large, the applications itself gives you a warning message saying that you are trying to send a large file and also gives you an option of compressing the file. Here I am going to brief you how you can do it in outlook application.

Open your outlook app and insert the image in your email body. Select the picture you want to compress. Go to Picture tools on the format tab. Select compress pictures from the adjust group. You can select the compression and resolution options you require and select OK. This way you can compress the image just by using your outlook application.

Alternatively if all you require is a limited functionality just to crop and resize the image you can also use MS Paint which is a default application in all Windows OS. All you have to do is edit the image using Paint and click on the resize option. You can either decrease percentage or reduce pixels horizontally and vertically.

Now you know what to do and where to go whenever you need to compress an image.