PNR Status Live

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is basically a database of a reservation system that contains the personal information of a passenger or a group of people travelling together.

When you reserve a ticket through Indian railways, you will be given a number through Computer Reservation System(CRS) which contains all the information regarding the passenger.

PNR consist of 10 digit number. This concept was first introduced in Airlines, then it was adopted by Indian Railways. Below are the details which PNR number contain:-

  • Passenger details(Name, Sex, Age, Birth preference)
  • Ticket Details(Train number and Name of train, Date, From, To, Boarding station, Reservation Upto, Quota, Birth, Address of Passenger and mobile number).
  • Transaction/Payment details(Payment mode, Transaction ID, Ticket charge)

Game of 10 Digits of PNR:-

PNR is divided into 2 sections. 1st section contains 3 digits and the 2nd section contains 7 digits.

First 3 digits:-

First 3 digits contains the information about from which PRS(Passenger Reservation system) the ticket has been booked. The starting digit of PNR does not depend on PRS, it depends on Zone of the train w.r.t starting station of the train.

Number Code Zone
1 SCR Secunderabad PRS
2,3 NR, NCR, NWR, NER New Delhi PRS
4,5 SR, SWR, SCR Chennai PRS
6,7 NFR, ECR,ER, ECoR,ER, SECR Calcutta PRS
8,9 CR, WCR, WR Mumbai PRS

Eg:- Suppose a ticket a booked from Calcutta to Secunderabad, the first digit of the PNR will be 6. Next 2 digits will depend on the specific PRS in the zone. So the next 2 digits will be 51. So the sum of the first 3 digits will be 651.

Last 7 digits:-

The last 7 digits are randomly generated by the help of Rand function(). This represents the number information about the ticket or the journey. This method is applied to make the PNR number unique.

Steps for PNR status live check of the ticket:-

PNR Status Live check

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the option “PNR Status”.
  • Enter 10 digit PNR number in the rectangular box.
  • Click on “Get Status” Link.

After clicking on the link, you will get your current status of your ticket.

Various status of PNR number:-

  • CAN:- It indicates that passenger seat has been canceled.
  • CNF:- This indicates that passenger seat has been confirmed and seat will be allotted after charting.
  • RAC:- It stand for Reservation Against Cancellation. The passenger is allowed to travel. In RAC two people share the same birth, if the second person does not board the train then the full birth is allowed to the first person.
  • WL:- It stands for waiting list. The passenger with WL is not allowed to board in the train. This ticket can be cancelled before 30 minutes of departure of the train. If WL is not confirmed then the ticket is canceled automatically and the money is refunded to the passenger.
  • RLWL:- It stands for Remote Location Waitlist. RLWL has a high chance of confirmation.
  • PQWL:- It stands for pooled Quota Waitlist. Under this list the passenger travelling between intermediate stations and have a separate waitlist from the general waitlist.
  • RSWL:- A station specific waitlist is called a Road-Side Waitlist.
  • REL:- It stands for Released.
  • NR:- It stands for “No Room” and no further bookings are allowed with a NR ticket.

Sites to book Indian Railway ticket:-

IRCTC:- This is the website provided by the Indian Railway to book the railway ticket. Through this website, you can book ticket of any train running by Indian Railway. This website has attached payment gateway through which you can book your ticket through various transactions options.

Steps to book ticket through IRCTC:-

  • First you have to create a login ID in this website.
  • For creating the login ID, you have to fill a form on this website. You have to provide user name, mobile number, Email id, address etc.
  • Once the ID is created, you can log in through your ID and password followed by a captcha.
  • You have to select your origin station and destination station of your journey followed by date and class.
  • Now click on availability and fare.
  • Now you can book your ticket after looking at the availability of the birth.
  • At last you will have to pay. You can pay through various payment method available in this website.

Goibibo:- You can book your railway ticket through this website. First you have to enter your origin station and destination station followed by date. You have to login through your IRCTC login for booking the ticket.

Yatra:- Through this website you can book your railway ticket. This website provides the faster booking facilities which will help you to book your ticket in Tatkal. You have to login in this website to book the ticket.

Various website for PNR status live check:-

  • Trainspnrstatus:- Through this website you can check your PNR status. This website also provides the status of live train running, train schedule, train between stations and train enquiry.
  • Confirmtkt:- You can check your PNR status through this website by filling up your 10 Digit PNR number.
  • Railyatri:- You can check your PNR status through this website also.

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