Install mSpy on iPhone Remotely Or Physically

Can we install mSpy on an iPhone remotely?

 The short answer is YES, but the process is challenging. But it’s possible so stick around to know more…

There are a few ways to install this app, We will look at all possible ways to install mSpy on someone’s phone without them knowing.

Note: Here we will only show the method to install this app on iPhone.

So if you are looking at how to install mspy on a target Android phone remotely, there are other ways. We are still figuring out ways to install this app on Android phones remotely.

Not sure how long this will be valid for iPhone or iOS. But, until we have this opportunity, let’s use it.

If you only want to track Whatsapp & Location. I’d recommend this version of the app, which runs smoothly.

mSpy can be installed on an iPhone using two methods.

  1. In the first method, you would need the target device to install the mSpy app on your iPhone. 
  2. In Another method, you don’t need the target device to install mSpy on iPhone remotely. But you would need their Apple ID to log in.

I know, most of us would prefer the second method. Because there are rarely people who would give you their phone to track.

But I recommend this app only for people who want to protect their kids from online prey and I highly recommend this app is must for them.

I understand your child’s reluctance to use this app on their phone. But, if your intention is to protect then I say it’s valid. As this app can come in handy with a few bucks to trace them easily in case of some unfortunate events.

mSpy for iPhone comes with its own limitations which can be overcome by Jailbreaking the phone. A lot of folks are already aware of it and how it works but even if you don’t know, nothing to worry about.

Note: This feature does not work with the latest iPhones and iOs.

I will cover how to install mSpy on Jailbreak iPhone soon but remember it only works on older iPhones now. Newer iPhones do not have the option to jailbreak an iPhone. 

Iphone can be installed remotely on the target phone but if iCloud backup is not activated on your kid’s phone, you will need physical access to the phone

If the iCloud feature is activated, the second thing to make sure is the 2-factor authentication is not on. If it’s on, you will need the code received on the target phone to verify the device.

iCloud backup might be activated on your target device but two-factor authentication is something Apple takes very seriously and almost 95% iPhones have this activated. Therefore, you would need physical access to the phone to install mSpy without them knowing.

If you are one of the lucky ones and both the above hurdle is passed you can definitely install mSpy on an iPhone remotely. But, only if you know their Apple Id and password which is also their iCloud credentials.

Whether you want to install an iPhone on a target phone remotely or not, iCloud credentials are needed. 

I understand the frustration about arranging all the above details to track someone. But, trust me the features mSpy has are worth getting in all those troubles.

Ok enough chat, let’s begin!

How to install mSpy on target phone with iCloud credentials.

You need to purchase the cheapest mSpy version here for Iphone

After you complete the payment, you will receive an email with the download link and the Installation Wizard that will guide you through the installation process. 

The email will look something similar like below. 

How To Install mSpy on iPhone Remotely

The email will also contain the user id and password of your control panel. This is where you will login to check all the activities of your target phone which looks similar to the image below. 

mSpy Control Panel

Here are the steps you need to follow to install the app.

  1. You will get one URL on email which will look something like this
  2. Once you open the above URL, it will ask for the below details 
  3. Name of the child
  4. Age of the child
  5. Apple Id
  6. Password 

Once done Mspy will be installed on your child’s phone remotely. You will now be able to access their activities through your control panel.

Note: Please wait 24 hours for data to record and send to your control panel. It is also important to note that the data will only be sent when the device is connected to the internet. 

Here is a simple video on how to install the app.

Some Recommended Features Of Mspy App. 

If you use mSpy on Jailbreak Iphone, you get some extra benefits such as you can even track Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook etc. 

Without jailbreak, you can track Whatsapp, iMessage, Email, Call Details, Photos etc. But, in my opinion, I’ll use this app even with small features as it guarantees to keep my family and child safe. 

Here are detailed features Of Mspy for Iphone without JailBreak: 


You can find all the contact details saved on your child’s phone. This way you can know who all are in his or her contact list and can share with authority later if the need arises. 

Call Logs

This app won’t be helpful if we don’t know who is calling on our target device or who your target device called. Luckily this app tells you who your target person called, for how long and on which date.

Text Messages

You can see all the messages sent or received to your child’s phone which is so great.

Browser History

Another feature of this app which I really liked is getting access to browser history. You can see all the websites they visit so that you block all of them if they are not suitable for your child. 


Review all the events on your child’s iPhone to protect them better. Find out when and with whom they are about to meet.


MSpy can help you get all the phone notes on their iOS devices. Sometimes it’s important to know what they taking notes of or if there is something you should be concerned about 


The most used service of mSpy is probably able to access Whatsapp chats and messages, with this app you can easily do that.

Wi-Fi Networks

By finding details about each hotspot they connect to you can easily find out which location they might be in. 

Installed Applications

Check all the apps your kid is installing on his or her phone, including social apps, games and more.

I have answered a few faqs regarding the mSpy installation process. Have a look-

Is iCloud or Apple ID the same?

Yes, you can log in to your iCloud using your Apple id

Can I track an iPhone using mSpy if I have an Android phone? 

Yes, you can track an iPhone with your Android phone. You just have to have the Apple ID of the target phone and physical access if two-factor authentication is on to be able to track it. 

Can I track the iPhone using mSpy if it is locked? 

No, you need an unlocked iPhone to track because you need to get the two-factor authentication. 

Will the mSpy program work if the Airplane mode is on?

For the app to work, it is important to have an internet connection. If the airplane is on and Wifi is also on, it will track the data. If the Airplane is on and wifi is off, it won’t track the data. 

Will I be able to see Whatsapp data, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook if the phone is not jailbroken?

You can see WhatsApp data, location, location details and many more with a non-jailbroken phone but not Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. To track these apps, the iPhone needs to be jailbroken. 

Can I uninstall mSpy from iPhone? 

As a bonus tip, I’d also like to share if mspy can be uninstalled from the iPhone. Yes, It’s definitely possible to uninstall mSpy or delete the app completely if you ever change your mind. 

Below are the options you can try to remove the app. 

  1. A factory reset can help you get rid of any spyware like mSpy at zero cost and effort. This function will make your phone like new. I’d advise first making sure to create a backup of your crucial data before performing the factory reset as this also deletes most data from the phone. To perform a factory reset on Android, go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset.  
  1. Another easiest way to remove or delete the mSpy app from the phone is simply changing the Apple ID password. 

What are all the Os’ and models where mSpy is compatible? 

Here is list of them:  

  • Android Phones and Tablets – all Android versions 4 onwards
  • iPhone and iPad up to iOS 9.2
  • No Jailbreak iPhone versions – all iOs

How can I contact Mspy support in case something is not working? 

Here are the list if their phone number that you can contact them on. 

They also have lists of actual phones and devices by make and model.

English (USA, toll-free):+1 855 896 00 41

French (France, national):+3 397 073 81 15

Spanish (Mexico, toll-free):+52 800 461 04 54

Portuguese (Brazil, toll-free):+55 800 591 51 00

Turkish (Turkey, national):+90 850 252 65 14

Do Share your thoughts and queries if you have for this topic on how to install mSpy on iPhone remotely. Let us know in the comment below and you will hear from me the same day.