How To Install mspy Remotely 2019

The best way to track anyone activities in this tech world is through their smartphone. There are many apps and software site available in this world that promises to track any user activity. However, finding the best among them is the real pain. 

So after reviewing and collecting information through various websites we have zeroed down on mSPy. We have shared the quick and short information you need to know about this app in the post below. From what is mSPy to How To Install mspy Remotely 2019 has been covered below.

Before we tell you how to install Mspy remotely on any device, we should first show you how you can install Mspy on Android phone by when you have victim’s phone with you.

Same goes for iphone users when they want to install mspy on iPhone when they have victim’s phone with them.

There are 3 steps to follow if you want to install mspy on Android.

  1. Buying the app/software
  2. Downloading the app
  3. Installing the app

How to buy and where to buy ?

Remind you that they do not give free trials however they may offer coupons from time to time .

You can buy the app from mspy official site Here.

They have two plans basic and premium. You can buy for a duration of 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months. Depends on how long you need this software you can take decision.

Once you click on Buy Now button, you will be directed to check out page. Here you need to enter all your billing details. This is same for anything that you buy on Internet.

Once you make the purchase, all the details will be sent to your mail ID.

Now here comes the installation part:

On your mail you will get the following details. Make sure to check your spam folder also:

  • Order Information:
  • Order date
  • Reference number
  • Link to login to Control panel:
  • Username
  • Password

The download link sent on your mail won’t work until you enable Unknown source on your Android phone. Here is how you can enable unknown source on you phone

This step is necessary as you are not installing this app from Google Playstore.

Now copy the installation link from your mail and paste it in your browser.

When it finishes downloading, select “bt.apk” file to start the installation process.

Tap on bt.apk in order to start the installing mSpy on Android device.

Once you tap on bt.apk file then Update service screen appear. Here You will have to give permission when asked to give and confirm all permissions to the monitoring mSpy app. Confirm by selecting the “Next“ button and on the end tap on “Install” to proceed with the installation.

You might get an another option as “I understand the risk and still wants to install it” and Install Anyway. 

Now you open the app which is connected to your mSpy account. Now you need to press “Continue” and then Accept the license agreement by tapping on the “Accept”.

Now click on Activate button to enable the remote spy of the target’s phone.

Here you will get the option whether you want to keep the icon or get rid of it.

At last step you will be asked to enter the registration code. Enter the one sent on your mail.

Here is a simple video on How to install mspy on Android smartphone

Is there is a way to install mspy Remotely

Are you thinking of spying someone cellphone? As a parents you can think of spying your children’s phone or your wife phone or someone else phone.  We are going to provide complete solution to this problem. mspy is the app which you can use for spying someone’s smartphone.

Note: Before we proceed further with this tutorial, we would like to inform our users that we have published this article just for information and knowledge purpose. In case, you misuse any of tricks shared below we will not be responsible for it.

What is mspy?

mspy is a phone monitoring app which monitors or spy the smartphone whichever we have target. It monitors calls, text messages, Instagram, whatsapp, GPS location and many more smartphone activities. mspy collects useful information from our target’s device and sends it to our control panel which we can access from any browser. You might even find this app on 1mobile market

Working of mspy:-

mSpy collects information from the device on which it is installed and displays it to control panel which we can access from any browser. To begin using mSpy, we have to test the compatibility of the device we want to monitor. Next we have to choose the subscription plan and proceed with the purchase. When the purchase process is done we will get a mail with the login id and password on our personal control panel where we can locate the set up command.

Generally we need to have complete physical access to the device which we wants to target, but that’s not for long may few minutes will do the job. Next we have to launch the smartphone browser and type in the link for loading the program and proceed with the installation.

When we install mSpy it start working in the background stealth mode. You can see icon of mSpy but it does not contain any setting option. So once you have installed mSpy on the targeted device, then there is no chance that the person can change in the setting of the app. Once you have installed mSpy app on the targeted device then you can install this app on your device for monitoring purpose.

Using mspy app is legal or not?

This application was designed so that the parent can keep their children safe. That’s why the use of this application is absolutely legal. But you have to follow some rules and regulation for using this app. Following are some rules which you have to follow if you want to use mspy app:-

  • Please make sure that you are using this app as a parental control solution so that you can monitor your children.
  • You can use mspy app for monitoring company owned devices so that you can monitor your employees.
  • You have to install this app on your own device.

Process On How To Install mspy Remotely 2019

Many users want to install mSpy app remotely. If you want to install mSpy remotely then you don’t need the physical access of targeted device. You can install for both iphone and android users. Following is the process through which we can learn How To Install mspy Remotely 2019. 

Process to How To Install mspy Remotely on Ios/ iphone

How to install mspy remotely 2019


We can install mSpy app on ios device remotely. For this we have to pick out mSpy app without jailbreak with fewer tracking capabilities using icloud credentials of the targeted device. We have to be sure on the backup on a regular basis.

If the ios device is jailbroken we need 10-20 minutes of physical entry to the targeted device for installation of the app. Once we have successfully installed the app, mSpy will start sending monitored data logs of the targeted device to our control panel. If our targeted device is not jailbroken then we can jailbreak it before the installation of the app, it will take some time.

How to install mspy app on android devices:-

  1. If you want to install mSpy app on android devices then you need to get the physical access of the target device and select android in your control panel to find the instructions. Without physical access you can’t install this app in your target device. We have shared the small and quick step below through which you can install mSpy app on the target phone:-
  2. Go to the setting click on “security” and then click on “Enable unknown sources”.
  3. Image result for “Enable unknown sources”.
  4. Then go to the mobile browser and then install mSpy app.
  5. When the downloading of the app is finished, click on the downloaded file.
  6. After all the permission process of the app, click on activate.
  7. We can select that whether we want to hide or show the mSpy app icon on the target device.
  8. Now fill the registration code and then click ok.
  9. At last visit the online installation wizard on your mSpy account and then finish the installation.

What are the Payment strategy for getting mspy?

If you are planning to but this app there are many payment options. We have listed some of the payment method through which you can get the licence of this app:-

Please leave us your valuable comments below about this article or any feedback that you might have.

Conclusion: If you are worried about your child’s behaviour when he/she is not around you or if you are paranoid about your partner’s activities when you are not around. Then, we have solved that problem for you using How To Install mspy Remotely 2019. Learn all about this app in the post above.

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