Best Android Apps To Track iPhone Location

If you are an Android user and looking to track location of iPhone, jump right in as we have got all the information you need to know to track iPhone location using an Android Phone.

Before we move ahead, just a small question, is it even possible to track iphone location using an Android Phone?

Let’s find Out If there is an Android Apps To Track iPhone Location

We live in a world of great diversity today. People of different country (regions), race, and ethnicity live among us and it’s so beautiful, so are our devices.

It’s interesting that if you look a little deeper even our devices fall under some category and the most popular ones are iOS and Android.

People feel like iOS is from Universe and Android is from another. It’s always a competition between those, but in reality they live together just like us. All our friends does not just own an iPhone, some of them use android phones, some of them use Windows phones and some of them blackberry.

In most of the cases in our day to day life we face challenges in the interaction between these devices. The apps that are compatible for android may or may not be compatible for iOS and vice versa.

Let’s look at the challenge of tracking devices when it comes to the diversity of these smartphones. The most popular app in iPhone to track its device is Find My iPhone which is an inbuilt feature Apple phones/devices offer.

You can track your iPhone if you have misplaced or lost your iPhone by just signing into the iCloud from your PC and clicking on Find my iPhone. And there are many android apps for tracking android phones.

Android devices usually does not have a phone locator app however you can look at your location history in Google maps timeline if you have signed in your google account from your android smartphone. You just have to log in with the same id from your desktop/PC to google maps and click on your timeline and you can see your location history.

If you look at it, our devices are also like us, they do exactly same things in a different way but sometimes that does not help. Let’s look at some cases where we really need kind of universal apps that can help everyone. Let’s say you have lost your iPhone and the friend that immediately shown up to help is having an android device. Or let’s say you want to track your family and whereabouts to ensure their safety and your family members have a mix of android and iOS devices.

Yes! I am talking about an app that is compatible in both group of devices. Us humans call it adaptability, and in the devices world its compatibility.

Let’s look at some of them of the best Android apps to track iPhone location

Apps To Track iphone Location

Find My Friends


Now this is a social app as against a location tracking app. But this also comes with anti-theft functions. This is a great precautionary step that can be taken to make your device theft proof. Like all other apps this app also uses the GPS technology to track devices. Even though this is one of the additional feature this app offers, you can add devices and phones in the app which can be tracked later upon losing or misplacing your device.

All you have to do is download the application from play store and add devices that you want to track. The adding would need approval. A message would be sent to the device for which to be tracked for approval and on approval the device would be added. This app can help you track both iPhone and android phones

This app does not have a free version. It has a trial run for a month and you will have to upgrade to use it further.

Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti theft location finder


This is another precautionary android apps to track iPhone location. With outstanding features, this is absolutely free. This application has the capability of even locking an iPhone remotely. Other cool features include remotely clicking photos from your iPhone camera that might help in getting the image of the one who has taken your phone. This app comes from the labs of the project called preyproject. The ability of location tracking feature comes with using the network features.

This app is highly recommended by technology giants like Crunchbase and Techcrunch and is top rated. The steps to use the app is similar to the one above.

Find My Phone


Find My Phone is a very popular app for both iPhone and any android phones. The ease of use, state of the art GPS tracker and popularity among both android an iOS users has made this app a reliable one. This app allows you to find your misplaced/lost/missing device and also keep a tab on the lost device giving real time location updates. The whereabouts of the cell will be shown in the app’s map itself. Please note that even this app is a precautionary app to protect your device and cannot be used if it is not installed in the phone and you have already lost it. You will have to provide security details and phone number of the phone which will trigger an approval message to your device and only upon accepting it will this device be added to the app for tracking.

This app too is not a free app and required upgrading after a free month trial.

Now let’s accept the diversity of our phones and secure it in a common way. Android or IOS, we now have ways to do it.

Conclusion: So looking at the information available we can conclude that indeed there is a possibility with Android Apps To Track iPhone Location. Do comment below in case we missed something.