Apps To Track Phone Location- Let’s track it!

Lost your Smartphone? Let’s track it!

Losing your phone can be heartbreaking especially at this age when our smartphones knows more about us than our friends and family. And if you are looking for right kind of apps to track phone location then is perfect article for you.

Our phone is a device so close to our lives which stores our documents, memories and last but not the least our relationships too.

Yes it does! Our calendar, contacts and our gallery are not the sexiest of the apps we have but it does the major part in our lives.

Your calendar sends you a reminder for all the special events- Birthdays, anniversaries. Your contacts allows apps like WhatsApp to send status to all your circle as well as receive from them. And your gallery has all those lovely moments. Your mobile is like a book of your life. And it allows you to stay connected to your loved ones. And what happens when you lose that tiny device. Everything seems to be lost and you feel empty.

This article if for all those who have lost their phones and wants to get it back so badly and for all others to take some precautions to make your phone theft proof.

Apps To Track Phone Location


First and foremost for all those who have not installed any apps to protect your device from theft, worry no more because we have got plan B.

Did I just say Plan B?

Plan B

Plan b app android


From the Lookout Labs, this phone locator application is for all those who have either lost their phone or had your phone stolen and did not have any pre-installed application that can track your phone. This app comes with the capability of remote installation in your phone from a PC. You just have to log in to Google Play Store from your computer and install it. Make sure your phone is also logged in with the same email id. If the app gets installed and is compatible with your device it will automatically start sending you emails with your phone location. In some of the devices this app can enable GPS and thus update you with the location every 10 minutes. And if that does not work out for you, you can send an SMS from someone’s phone with the word “locate” to your lost smartphone. Please note that this application is only for Android users and one of the best apps to track phone location for Android users.

⇒  If you are looking to track everything about any person then you need mSpy.

Where’s my Droid

where is my droid

This award winning app of proven track record can make your phone theft proof. This app offers you a lot of features like GPS locator, GPS flare, remote lock, theft detection, GeoFence etc. that can be used based on your situation. Even though this apps comes with a feature of remote downloading, it requires certain app permissions and installation steps that has to be done in the device itself. So this app is not something that you can install after you have already lost your phone. This is a precautionary app. Where’s my droid app comes with 3 versions- Basic, Pro and Elite out of which only Basic is free and Pro version comes with a one-time fee and elite with monthly payment. You can read more about the feature differences in each versions here.

One of the coolest features it has is phone ring even in silent mode by sending a code via text. Also there it comes with various codes for other features as well for example another text code will fetch you GPS coordinates of your lost phone.

You can also remotely control your phone through a web based interface called Commander.

Find my iPhone

Find my iphone


While Plan B and Where’s my droid is for Android users, Find my iPhone is an in-built app for iOS users. Like any other phone locator apps, Apple also has an app of its own to track your iPhone if you happen to misplace or lose your phone or the worst, had your iPhone stolen. One thing to watch out for is to make sure that you have turned this service on in your phone. The application allows you to track the phone remotely, lock it and even erase your phone if you are unable to retrieve it back. All you have to do is sign in to iCloud and click on Find iPhone. You can track your iPhone only if it is online but you can enable lost mode even if it is offline where you can give your alternate contact number and a message for the one who finds it. And as far as we know it is only app on iphone on best apps to track phone location.

As they say “Precaution is better than cure” for our health, it applies to your smartphones too. While we take the extra care on protecting your screen and phone body using screen guards and phone cases it is recommended to always have a phone tracking app enabled in your device too, so that you can prevent your phone from losing or being stolen.

Conclusion: Hope our small attempt to help you with right kinds of apps to track phone location was useful for you. We will really appreciate if you can share this among your friends. Do drop a comment below for any valuable feedback or suggestions.