Mobile Number Details With Owner Name & Address Software

Getting calls from unknown numbers and people talking in an annoying tone can make you frustrated. It is essential to know who is calling you and why they choose you for these annoying calls because they can be dangerous and harmful. Some people randomly dial numbers and try to steal your information in any manipulating or fake manner. So, to know who is calling you is important.

With the development and advancements in technology, it has become easy for each person to know details. Several apps and websites let you know about a person’s location, name, SIM company, and other essential details that can be useful for you to know who exactly or from where they are calling you.

We have included mostly free apps and websites that you can download but there also some paid apps shared at the bottom which works far better than free apps.

The most popular mobile number details with owner name & address software have been shared below. So let’s start:

How to Get Details of Who is Calling?

The simplest way to check the details of any person calling you from an unknown number is here. Choose the best option that matches your needs:

Here are the list of Mobile Number Details With Owner Name & Address Software

Mobile Number Details With Owner Name & Address Software

One of the most popular and trusted apps that let you know details, including location, name, and network type, is truecaller. It is the oldest and still in trend app for enquiring any number.

To use this app, you need to register with Truecaller using your mobile number. Once you are done with the registration and login process with Truecaller, you can now access the features of this app. All you need to search for the details of any number is to type the number that called you and click search. Once the app is done with searching, you will be shown the location and name of the calling person in a free subscription.

If you go with its paid subscriptions, you will enjoy advanced features like map distance of a person, name, state, and other basic details required for tracing the person.

Truecaller has an advanced feature. If you enable it, you will get the name and state of any unknown number that calls you automatically. It also automatically blocks spam numbers and messages.

You can identify unknown calls that disturb you with Mobile Number Locator. It is easy to search for any mobile number. You can either type the number that you want to enquire or choose the caller from the call logs. The Mobile Number Locator will recommend from your Address Book to select the number you want to search.

Mobile Number Locator allows you to locate any phone number from any country, including the USA, India, and Brazil, as well as Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, Russia, Brazil, and Canada. The call’s operator, city-state, and country will be displayed when searching a particular number on Mobile Number Locator. A map with distance and location will also be displayed to know the exact location of that person.

Another alternative to find details of an unknown number is It is the simplest app that lets you know your required details in just a few seconds. All you need to use this website is to visit the official webpage using your preferred web browser.

Once you are finally on the website, select the Reverse Phone option, enter the number you wish to have details and hit the search button. Wait for a couple of seconds, and you will see details like country, state, name and operating service, etc.

Also, you will find the Spam Rate of the searched number that lets you know whether the number is genuine or any fraud.

Here are some more gold sites-FindandTrace|| WolframAlpha| EyeCon

Mobile number details with name and address allows you to track the location of mobile numbers and callers’ personal information such as name, address, city, operator, state, search history, and more. The mobile phone tracker shows you the current and most recent location of any mobile phone / mobile number in India. You can also complain about any mobile number in the reputation and monitoring section.

It does not store or collect any personal information. Also, it traces the location of mobile numbers at no cost. This service is available in all Indian states and union territories. Mobile number tracker allows you to refine your search for the Owner’s name, address, and other details.

When you search for any mobile number, returns the following results

  • Type of Service (GSM/CDMA)
  • The latest trace or search locations for the phone number.
  • Current Location / State
  • Operator/Service Provider
  • Monitoring and reputation – You can file a complaint here provides information about the address, name, and location of any phone number. Any advanced searches will require you to pay an additional fee. According to statistics, it has more than 11 million users each month, so you can trust and use it to get the required details.

WolframAlpha can help you find out more about your phone number. It is a free computational website, can provide basic information about the phone number and its location. it is easy to use, and all you need is to follow these steps:

  • In your browser, go to
  • Enter the number you are looking for in the search bar and hit the Enter key.
  • Review the results and take action accordingly.

Eyecon instantly lets you know who is calling you. You can see their name and photo before you pick up the phone. Click the icon to see more information. All people, contacts, and all apps will be available in one place.

You need to click on the Eyecon icon, and you’ll see all information about the other person. It is the most accurate caller ID app. Advanced features such as reverse lookup can give you the true caller ID and allow you to connect with their social media accounts like Facebook profiles, photos, and more.

Eyecon transforms your contact list + address book into an amazing visual gallery of all your friends. Instantly, you will see the names and numbers of the people you love turn into images. You don’t have to answer any calls that you don’t know. We can help you identify spam callers.

Here are some more gold sites-TrueID Caller Name Location| Facebook| Site2sms

Phone Number Owner

True ID Caller Name Location App is the most accurate mobile phone number locator. It’s also very simple to use and can instantly identify incoming calls in your contact list. It doesn’t share or sell data with third-party applications and organizations. Any permission granted will be used only internally by Caller ID Show Caller TrueID to provide better service.

The Show Caller ID mobile number tracking app can identify the majority of unknown calls and show regions on incoming calls so that you can see true caller identification and the names of those calling. True ID Caller’s name location tracker app doesn’t upload your Phonebook for public searchability.

Facebook is also a way to find details of any number and a free way to find details of any number. All Facebook accounts are connected with any number, and if a number that bothered you is connected with Facebook, it will be easy to know the Owner of the number. Facebook will display their profile, and you can find the necessary details with the profile.

All you need is to open your Facebook account and go to the search option. Type the number in the search option and hit the enter button. If it is connected with any Facebook account, you will get all possible details.

Site2sms, India’s largest messaging site, is free. It is a trustworthy platform with more than 30 million registered users. Users have saved over 800 million contacts to their address book. They have now introduced Mobile Number Tracker to allow people to track owner names and locate details using their mobile number. All you need is to follow the steps and get the details on your screen:

  • Visit
  • In the text box, enter the mobile number.
  • Click on “Trace Mobile.”

Here is the list of things that will be needed to trace any number

  • Mobile number
  • Location
  • Telecom Operator
  • Name


Maintaining the privacy and security of your stuff is very crucial these days because of the increasing number of cybercrimes. You might receive many calls from unknown numbers, do not ignore them always. Some calls are made to steal your information and use it to harm you. So be conscious. The mobile number details with owner name & address software mentioned above and websites are best suited for maintaining security and privacy.

These websites and apps do not use your data for any commercial or other purposes. They all are secured and trusted sites. You can use any of the above for tracing details.

Here are the summary of all the above Mobile Number Details With Owner Name & Address Software Apps:

  • Truecaller
  • Mobile number locator
  • Whitepages
  • TrueID Caller Name Location
  • Facebook
  • Site2sms
  • FindandTrace
  • WolframAlpha
  • EyeCon

Here are some apps that can trace mobile number or can help find owner address:

But first you should know below apps are paid apps but work way better than free apps. These apps will help you trace mobile location live, caller address, missed call information and many more feature.

  1. mSpy: This app is insanely popular among youth including me. I have been using this app for a very long time now. This app helps me keep track of my family member. I can know their current location, whom they are texting, access photos, check browsing history and many more. You can know how this app works from here.
  2. Phone tracker By Number: This app uses GPS tracker that helps you locate your phones and your kids phone as well. Phone number tracker is designed to help you find your kids’ location by mobile number in a very accurate and fast way. You can download phone number tracker from here.
  3. Find my friends: This is a mobile phone tracking app and service for iOS devices that works on both iphone and android. This is a very popular app for iphone users. You can download Find my friends app from here.
  4. Google Find My Device: This app from Google helps you locate your lost Android and lock it until you find it. Locate your phone, iPad or watch on a map live. If current location isn’t available, you’ll see the last known place your phone was located. Download Google find my device from here.