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Find Phone Number Owner 2019

The era of smartphones does not seem to end, but rather is getting more and more relevant in day to day lives.

While everything seems to be in our fingertips, it’s got its own price to pay too.

While our journey through digital transformation has given enough access to almost anything, it had its price too.

It has not only given you the access to media, content, products and services but it has given access to you through your phones to anyone who needs to find you.

Ever wondered how you get quite number of telemarketing calls even though you have not signed up for them? Ever wondered how the offers that are presented to you over a call, mails, or in the side banners of your search engine always made some sense and is relevant only to you.

If telemarketers can find you with you not signing up with them, it opens up possibilities for any individuals to find you. This is because the social networking sites you sign up to, or other services where you share your personal info is not so secure and can be easily accessed.

This explains the reason why you get a lot of unknown number phone calls in your mobile. It is effortless to ignore the ads and pop ups in the social marketing sites and other online services you use, but something that annoys us a lot is the phone calls that we get.

Our phone number is too personal to us and that is the main reason we think twice before sharing it to someone. It was not the same when we signed up for the social media sites couple of years ago, which made us prone to these intolerant calls.

Well the unknown numbers can be anyone- telemarketers, one your old friend/acquaintance, your bank/phone service provider etc. And you don’t want to miss important calls.

The moment you get spam calls, you get irritated because you thought it was someone important. So the key factor here is to know who is that someone, so that we can take actions accordingly.

While there are many apps to help you through taking actions on this number, this article will make you aware of some look up sites to get the details of the owner of the cell phone number:

The sites we are going to reveal below will work in United States mostly. However, we have added three new sites where anyone living in any part of the world can find out from where the call came from and who called.

List of site to Find Phone Number Owner 2019

Find Phone Number Owner 2019

1. Reveal Name

This reverse phone detective claims to be one of the most trusted service that can reveal the name of the phone number owner upon dialing it. Reveal Name can get you the full name of the owner as long as the cell phone provider is AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile. Reveal Name does expand to other providers, but the chances are quite low compared to these.

Note: We do not endorse the authenticity of the site so be careful while using the above site.

2. Intelius

Intelius comes from the parent company called People Connect which was a merger of two companies whose mission of business was on finding and managing information about people. People Connect believes that being informed matters. Intelius reverse phone look up service can give you more than a name. It can also provide reports that includes phone type, name and address of the phone number owner.

I have used this site several times to so I can say that it is genuine than most the sites which claims tracking phone number location.

3.     People By Name

People by name claims to have the most updated database so that you are not tracking someone based on an outdated information. The phone numbers can change sometimes and some service providers might give information about the old owner of the phone. People by name claims to give the most updated as updated as 24hours ago for their database.

4.     Who Called Me

One of the most popular phone number look up site is Who Called Me. Who Called Me targeted scammers, spammers and fake offers. They have a very interactive site where people report spam calls and the site keeps on updating them for the future reference.

5.     Phone Registry

Phone Registry which is popular in US has a huge database over 300 million criminal records. So the look up service runs through a series of investigations before giving the information. This service is US specific.

Here is one small video on Finding the exact location of a phone number

Find Phone Number Owner 2019

Now here are sites any users from any part of the world can access to Find Phone Number Owner 2019.

Now this is the site, I trust most when I’m looking for accurate details. This site will exactly tell you who called you. From which network operator you got the call and will also display the social media profile of the caller if it has any.

Now, if you are wondering, how this site able to get all these details in a legal way. Basically, this site uses the Truecaller script at the backend and display the information you are looking for.

The great thing about this site is it won’t ask you login or sign up to give any details and won’t even charge you single penny for these services.

So if you are looking for phone number search here is the link to access this site 

Now, let’s move on to another site which is equally awesome as above.

The second site that I wanted to share with you all is:


Functionality wise this site works same as magiskroot. The only difference is its database much updated and in rare situation inly you won’t any details. Otherwise, this is most recommended site from us.

  • Just enter the number you’d like to search for
  • Enter your country and click on submit
  • The site will give you all the details about that number.

Now, if you are looking to find owner of cell phone number free then visit this site now


Findandtrace is another very trusted website where you can get all the details about unknown number.

Find and Trace provides many services apart from giving phone number details.

Some of the services that are popular on this site are:

  • Trace Mobile number location,
  • vehicle RTO Info,
  • STD ISD codes,
  • Landline phone Details,
  • FInd Bank IFSC Number
  • Free phone tracking

Its not about the services they provide but how accurate information they provide. And, one thing that we can assure you that even though sometimes it doesn’t give full details it will give some information which will be useful.

So, if you are looking to find owner of cell phone number free then you should visit

Just enter the number you would like to trace and press enter to see the results.

But, another problem is everytime coming to site to check can be tedious work. So, how about we will tell some apps that Find Phone Number Owner 2019.

  1.  Shahplus Caller Id: This is the most updated called ID app. Sometimes, when there is new number most the sites fails to give details. This situation won’t come if you have shahplus app for Android. You don’t even have to search the number. As soon as you get a call this app will display the details of a phone number or mobile number.
  2. Showcaller ID: This app will not only help you find the unknown mobile number details but also helps you block the unwanted calls. It has advanced call blocking and spam filtering options.

There are other plenty of look up services out there which gives similar reports. Many of them are paid and some are also notorious for fraud.

So whenever you are trying out to find someone always opt for free services and always check for reviews of services from people so that you are not prone to fraud. You cannot afford another spam or fraud trying to find out the spam you already received.

Always remember bigger the database, higher is the chance of finding the unknown number.

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