Must Read: Best Spying Apps For Samsung Phones

Do you own a Samsung Phone or an Android phone and looking to spy or track other’s phone?

We can help!

We found many apps that works well with Samsung phones. But, we were looking for the best spying apps for Samsung phones. After intense research and uses, we have found some of the best phone monitoring app for Samsung and Android. 

The apps shared below allows you to geo-fence your kids and loved once(More on this below). Allows you to GPS track the users, access photos, phone videos, their messages, whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and many more.

How do they do it ?

Once installed they collect data from the target phone and transfers all the data to your account. So, you can easily access it through your phone.

You may want to know how can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

The great news is you can do all of this without letting the user know about it. So, if you are looking for the best cell phone monitoring app for Samsung phone, we have some suggestions for you.

Here are the best Spying Apps For Samsung Phones without target phone

Spying Apps For Samsung Phones
Best Spying Apps For Samsung Phones

This app not only works best for Samsung phones but every Android phones that we have tested it. It has most number of features as compared to other spy apps and due to this we have kept it first. 

With mSpy you can:

  • Monitor every keystroke & every tap
  • See where they’ve been and where they’re going
  • Find out who they’ve called
  • See what they’ve searched for
  • Read their social media chats
  • Read their social media chats
  • Review their texts (including deleted messages)
  • Do it all without being detected
  • It is mostly used as parental monitoring app. Now, the question is do you want to track just the basic details or you want know more. Based on your preferences you can buy basic or advanced version. 

    One feature that I liked the most about this app is accessing the browsing history. If you are concerned about your kids using adult sites, you can also block those sites as well. You can even access their bookmarked pages. 

    The best features on mSpy include the following:

    You would get 24×7 technical support features available in many languages. The user interface is very simple to navigate and use
    You would get geofencing features on the mSpy monitoring app. The app has a hidden specialty. Therefore, after you install it into the target device, it remains invisible.

    Ikeymonitor is another app that we highly recommend. This app works best on all phones but Samsung phones are where it performs much better. It is one of the top spying apps for Samsung available in the market. With the help of this app, you can keep track of your kids cell phone activities to protect them from cyberbullying, sexual predators, cyberstalkers, violence/suicide websites and other online threats.

    Additionally, iKeyMonitor allows to track multiple devices at once. We would recommend this app if you want to track multiple users at once.

    Typically, employees of big corporations and parents find this useful. It is used in company-issued phones effectively for spying on their employee’s activity. It is important to monitor data safety and detect fraud. Additionally, they can check if the employees are using their work devices for private browsing.

    The best features of the iKeyMonitor Spy App include:

    With GPS, you can find out the live location of the user you want to track. You can even geo fence your kid with this app

    You can track the person whom they are sending or receiving the messages. You can even know whom they are calling and for how many minutes. You can even access the photos and videos in the gallary.

    You can remotely obtain access to any suspicious mobile device. This feature is mainly designed for corporate users who are often worried about data theft. It helps find out entered passwords and keystrokes.

    Cons: One thing that I didn’t liked about this app is not able to install the app without the target phone. You need to have access to victim’s phone to install the app which is not the case in Mspy.

    Pros: I loved the fact that they allows to use the app for free for some days to know if it’s worth or not.

    We have kept Highster mobile at third but it doesn’t mean it is less effective than other. This app works really well on Android phone. It has all the features of Ikeymonitor, you can track activities like text messaging and calls that are received and send out by tracking phone.

    The user won’t even know this app exist on their phone. However, we recommend taking a consent first before you track them. Once this app is installed you can easily check the victim is doing digitally.

    Cons: You phone needs to be rooted to track the social media apps such as whatsapp, facebook, instagram etc.

    Pros: It helps you locate the lost phone as well

    Some of the best features available on the Highster Mobile app are: 

    You only need to know the other person’s phone number to access their device and snoop through their files.

    The interface here is very simple. There are not many tabs present. Thus it acts quite useful for beginners. 

    You can retrieve old deleted messages and media files as well. Also, You can check the location of the device and the user’s social media practice

    Wispy is best undetectable cell phone tracker which is highly useful for Samsung users. Not to mention, they get all the newest mobile spying features. The app is virtually undetectable, so you can track your target’s digital footprint easily. 

    Additionally, WiSpy has a very flexible service model and is very cost-friendly. Plus, its high range of features attracts people to this app as well. In other words, with this app, you can track call logs and messages, hear call recordings, and even monitor GPS.

    Furthermore, you can check IM, SMS texts, observe WhatsApp chats, and hear surround recordings. 

    Another notable benefit here is the remote-control feature. Also, here you would get a simplified dashboard. Moreover, the app users will be allowed to check and operate the target device’s mobile functions. 

    The best features of the The WiSpy Android app covers the following:

    You can stay in complete stealth and track every activity on the target device.

    Monitoring the location history and call history is valuable. You can track all the social media apps the user installed.   

    You can read through all device-centric and social media messages and hear voice messages. 

    Parents use XNSPY this through their smartphones to track their kid’s mobile device usage. 

    Additionally, companies use it to see the online and phone activity of their employees. This is mainly an app designed to track their work phone devices. Moreover, it is very useful to check if someone is leaking crucial company data. 

    However, the remote access feature is satisfactory for all users. Notedly, this can connect to a variety of Android tablets and mobile phones. 

    There are many top-notch features available in this app model, like:

    Users can spy through the IM messages and SMS app on the target device.  You can The app blocking feature is useful to lockout unfavourable or adult sites remotely. 

    This incorporates location tracking software. So, you can check where the phone user is at all times. 

    You can monitor their call logs and hear through the call recordings

    Conclusion: If we have to recommend top spying apps for Samsung phones, we would first go with mSPy, then Highster, then xnspy then Ikeymonitor etc.