Android Location Tracking Apps With One Click Download & Install

We live in an era where social networking sites and apps are key part of our lives. Having a smartphone and a social networking app is considered basic. Yes! We are social beings and us being social is in a whole new level now.

Digitization and IoT (Internet of Things) has transformed our social networking. We love to stay connected with our loved ones and technology has helped us a lot.

If Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is all you can think about staying connected, then you are missing out something more.

The era of Android might have started with the all popular Angry Birds game and its other million free apps to download.

There is one technology that was always there in our smartphone all along which slowly evolved in terms of relevance.

It began with google maps locating your favorite places and to the inception of ride hailing apps like Uber, the relevance and need of GPS has evolved. Your phone was once an assuring tool to keep your family and friends posted about your whereabouts. It was calls in the beginning, later to SMS, then to the social networking apps. Now the next step has arrived; The GPS location tracking.

There has been a lot going in the App world in terms of GPS tracking. A lot of apps has come up with different kinds of location tracking capabilities and targeting different purposes.

While Anti-Theft was the most popular targeted purpose, the family locator is the evolving need. One of the companies that has addressed this need is Life360. Life 360 has come up with an application that lets you track your friends & family members in real time.

Life360 is just one app that we have mentioned, but there many more Android location tracking apps that does the decent job.

We do not want to confuse with adding thousands of app list here. So, what we have done is we have taken care of the hard work by shortlisting the best apps among them and just added top 5 Android location tracking apps.

Installing even one out of all the 5 mentioned below will do your work. If you are ready to start tracking, jump right in.

Here are the list of Android Location Tracking Apps with easy install

Android location tracking apps

Life360 Family Locator

Let the name not deceive you because this app not only helps you know the location of your family members but can also locate your phone if you lose your Android device. Make sure your family members are registered and that’s it, everyone is in your radar. Life360 respects your privacy so nobody can track you unless you let them. You can switch on and off the location sharing on your own convenience. One of the best features you have in the app is that you can set alerts on reaching specific locations. Worried about your loved one travelling to a new place? Set an alert for arrival and you will get an alert on your loved one reaching the destination. This means you can give up the age old questions “Where are you” as the life360 says.

Sometimes the words speaks more than you see, so Life360 also allows the members to have conversations individually and group. Maybe alert is just not enough. For all those kids who hates texting you have a check in button which speaks for you. Once you reach your destination go for the button. You also have an emergency button to let your family know that you are in an emergency. Safety first, Privacy Next!

Google Maps

Sounds familiar? This popular google app which helped you finding nearest restaurants, ATM etc. is also capable of real time location sharing. All you have to do is add your friends & family to your google contacts with their Gmail address and start location sharing. Once you have added the contacts:

  • Tap menu
  • Choose location sharing
  • Add people

You can also choose how long you want to share your location. If you want to share your location with people who are not in your contacts, google lets you do it by generating a link through which the person can locate you. All you have to do is in the “Add people” option click on “More” and choose the option copy to clipboard. This will copy the link that can be shared with your friends and family.

Google’s new location sharing feature allows you to share your location with battery life too. So even if you drain out of battery, your loved one knows why your real time location stopped.


Considered as best Android Location Tracking apps. We were not sure, so we give it a try and it works like a charm. GEO tracker provides best service in case of tracking your lost phone or to locate the certain location.

This app is rated as 3+ on Google Play Store, but it’s far better than that. One feature that I liked about this app is tacking in offline mode and has a built-in feature of statistical track calculator.

The only reason for mentioning GEO-Tracker is it uses API and Google maps that mean a 100% accurate result. You can find all the data recorded on the screen.

One thing that might not interest you is when the weather is bad, it kind of slows down or stopped working. But that happens once in a while.

Download Geo Tracker From Here


Let me explain you about this app is very short word. Glympse lets you share your location with your friends and family or group of people. The catch here is you can decide for how long you want to share your live location and to whom you want to share.

This feature was even introduced in Whatsapp recently but Glympse has added advantage. Glympse can be downloaded free of cost for Android as well as iPhone and Windows users.  We are sharing the download link below from where you can download this app.

Few features of this app are shared below:

  • Glympse runs in any surroundings hence maintaining active radar connection.
  • Comes with locations sharing option and no downloads will be required for this.
  • If you have a apple watch you can sync your location with Apple watch and find the current location.
  • The best is a location sharing feature which helps you to locate your friend’s locations to enjoy the party on time.
  • It allows wonderful navigational capabilities.

It has one cons though, the number of friends with whom you can share the live location are limited.

Download GLympse from here

Take a look at how Glympse works here

 TrackerGPS Mobile:

TrackerGPS Mobile app is also a wonderful app and trusted app on Google Play store. Two reasons that makes it great and why we have included it in best Android Location Tracking Apps are because of its simple and flexible features.

The app has been developed by Mobile Media Networks and has many new features added recently. Few features of this app are:

  • TrackerGPS Mobile offers you real-time updated features that can update you with the location of your lost phone.
  • Allows you to create the second commands on your mobile.
  • A dedicated online account where you can easily retrieve the information about your lost device.

Among the list of things you can do with TrackerGPS Mobile is it to track a fleet of your cargo, smartphones or cars.

Gives you all the monitored data or history on demand, you can retrieve all data easily with this app. Just tap and track.

Download Tracker GPS Mobile From Here

Conclusion: The apps are evolving, are you?

While technology is at its best, are we using the most out of it for our utilitarian needs rather than our hedonistic needs? Let’s take one additional step for the loved ones when it comes to staying connected.