Got Missed Calls? There Are Sites Which Can Help Find Cell Phone Owner Name

There are three ways you can find any mobile number details which includes Cellphone Owner Name, Social Media Links or even location if you are lucky.

They are:

  1. Using Apps
  2. Using Websites
  3. Using Software or GPS

But the problem is how to find those apps, websites or software that really works and do not spam us.

Even if you find some genuine apps to trace someone’s location or getting unknown number details there are some legal matter involved.

Keeping all the above thing in mind we have been able to collect some really useful app that can provide accurate information.

Note: We do not guarantee that it will work but we can assure you it will be helpful. We only have one request that please do not misuse any information shared above.

List of helpful sites to find phone number details:

Find Cell Phone Owner Name

Intelius: Among all the websites out there, gave me most accurate details.

Here are some of their popular services:

  • People Search
  • Background Check
  • Criminal Records
  • Reverse Lookup
  • Email Lookup
  • Social Network Search
  • Reverse Address Lookup

But their premier services are much much better than free services and we recommend using that.

So how does Intelius able to get details about unknown number or phone number details:

They basically run a Reverse phone look up strategy. This feature run comprehensive data search associated with that number.

Chances are if that number has been used on the internet for any purpose. The Reverse phone look up feature will be able to find out any details related to that number.

2.  Missingtricks: Missingtricks is another site that I’d highly recommend. There are two reasons why we think you should try it are:

  • This site is absolutely free and
  • It won’t ask you any personal details like sign up and stuff

3. Magiskroot: Whatever, I have said for missingtricks follows for even Magiskroot. Both the sites works in the same way. However, any site goes down you can use the other one.

Just enter the missed call number or the number you want to find details about followed by the country and press enter. All the details will pop up on your screen.

There are many people like me who loves using an app instead of the websites. For those folks we have shortlisted some genuine apps which are really helpful in locating cell phone number owner details.

Truecaller: I understand most of you already have guessed it, but I to had mention this app here because of its great spam number blocking and number tracker feature.

Once downloaded and installed, it will alert you if there are any spam call. Not only that, if will even give phone number owner name, its social media links as well as the place from where the call came.

Useful Apps To Get Phone Owner Details 2019: 

2. Showcaller:

First let me highlights two important features of this app.

Block spam calls. Why this feature is important? Even before you want to find the details about the unknown number.

Showcaller will alert whether the number is spam or not. If is is spam you can go ahead and block that number. And, if it’s not you can find the details about it further through Truecaller or on the showcaller itself.

  • Some other silent features about this app are:
  • Very small in size so won’t utilize much space.
  • Has a smart search and reverse look up feature.
  • Even comes with call recording feature but we highly recommend using paid version to get all the benefits.
  • Block any number you do not want to receive call.

2. Whoscall

This app has got popular in recent days due to its smart search feature. The developers claim to have a database of more than 1 billion numbers with a community of more than 50 million.

Apart from  like caller identification and block. They also have a business product called Whoscall card.

It is a paid business solution which aims to increase the chances of your phone call getting picked up considerably. When you call someone who doesn’t have your number stored, instead of showing a normal card with a name that was crowdsourced, it will show a rich card with your business details.

What surprised me was that their website, mentioned on their Play Store page, is not loading at the time of writing this article. This means you cannot reach them via email. After a quick search on Google, I found their new home.

3. Hiya

Known by its older name Whitepages caller ID. Hiya is a great alternative to Truecaller, helps you block calls, get cell phone number details.

The one thing that this app misses is the smart search option and reverse phone look up feature. But, it is expected it will be launched soon.

Once these features are added it can compete with many apps in the market.

I’m not sure about iOS but this app is available to download for Android users on Google play store for free.

Useful Software For PC TO Track Phone Location Or Find Cell Phone Owner Name

Although, there are very software available for windows/PC. Find one among them is real task, but we have tried to find one and shared below:

The software is known as Mobile Number Tracker for Windows 10 and the second one is wlmobilefreezer tools.

These windows software were suggested by one of my friend and during my test it does worked well. But, we would not guarantee that these softwares will work for sure or not.

Here are some other genuine way to find cellphone owner name

Missed Call from Unknown numbers? 4 Ways to find owner of a Cell Phone Number

Mobile spam calls have been a rising concern these days. Most of this is because telemarketers have an easy access to our cell phone via different channels. The moment you sign up for a service and provide your cell number, you are exposing your cell number to a database that is sold to telemarketers. Most of the telemarketing calls have a number pattern which can be recognized and thus avoided but there are a set of telemarketers that use numbers which are similar to ours so that most of the people don’t end up hanging up the calls. But telemarketers are not the only spam calls you get. Sometimes we get attacked by cyber bullies through calls and sometimes stalkers. In all of these cases the starting point is the same, a call from an unknown number.

We wouldn’t want to rule out all the unknown numbers assuming they are telemarketers, cyber bullies or stalkers. It can be one of our old friend who has changed his/her number, maybe a close family member to give their new number, a recruiter to one of the companies for which you were an applicant, your service provider and the list goes on. You wouldn’t want to miss these calls either. Here are 4 ways in which you can find the owner of a cell number:

1.     Search Engines

phone number search

The first and foremost step to identify the owner of a cell phone number is to put the number in a search engine. Given the number with the right country code or area code, the search engine should be giving you some results for some sites to provide you with details of this number. The chances of success is less but sometimes it’s worth a try.

2.     Social Media

Most of the people register their phone numbers on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. It’s like a universal phone book. It’s worth a try searching the phone number in these social media sites. If its an old friend or a family member of whom you have lost the number, this method would be the one worth giving it a try.

3.     PhoneBook Apps

There are many phonebook apps that has a huge database and social media integration that makes them more updated which can help you track the cell phone numbers to an extent. These apps works on a very simple principle. The moment you sign up on these apps, you donate your contacts to them. So considering the millions of subscribers to these apps, their database is the integral sum of all these contacts of the subscribers. So the chances of the unknown number being in one of the contacts of those million subscribers are really high. Some of the popular phonebook apps are Truecaller, CallerSmart, WhosCall. To read more about Truecaller like applications click here.

4.     Cell Phone Reverse look up services

Many cell phone reverse look up services has risen up these days considering the demand for these services. Beware of these services because many of these are fraudulent. Few of these services are free but they do not give you all the information and most of the others are paid services. Consider these as your last resort for finding the number. Also make sure you research about the provider well for ratings and fraud reports before you sign up and pay for the service.

Other than these 4 methods, you can also try asking your mobile service provider for call trap services to track unknown numbers. Always call out and report to cyber police if the unknown number crosses the limit on bullying or stalking.

Now let’s take that extra measure to stay out of spam calls.

Here is one small video