1Mobile Market Google Android Apps 2019

Think Organized Apps, Think 1Mobile Market

Ever felt like organizing Apps in your Android phone?

Ever felt soar while browsing through millions of apps in the play store not finding the right one?

Ever wanted to know about the popular Apps that suits your day-to-day needs?

If your answer is YES to above question, then

1Mobile Market has heard you!

1Mobile Market Google Android Apps 2019 is an organized App store that lets you find the right app without browsing millions of unorganized apps .

In the post below,

We have shared everything you need to know about 1Mobile market Google android apps 2019. We have shared the list of new apps that you can download. We have even shared 1Mobile Market APK that you can download from below. In case we missed something, drop your comment below and we will make to add it here.

1Mobile Market Google Android Apps 2019

1Mobile Market For Android

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Life gets easier when it is organized, but that’s not just it. 1Mobile Market has more in its bucket to offer.

1.6 million free apps and games

You now got a good reason to get over with any other apps store. Not only 1Mobile Market offers you millions of free apps and games it also comes with CDN acceleration which lets you download your favorite apps much faster. One place to access all the top apps on Android.

Safer Download

1Mobile Market offers you a safer download environment by comprehensive security inspection which focusses on eradicating viruses and deducing plug-ins. You now need not worry about clicking that green button anymore because you know it’s safe.

Efficient suggestions on apps

It’s always frustrating to browse through hundreds of apps and not getting the right one you are looking for and you always wish you knew what other people are using. 1Mobile Market recommends popular apps not only at a global level but also at a local level. Now you know what apps are helping your neighbors as well. It also comes with a variety of featured topics to help you find apps that might interest you.

App Manager

Ever wished for an app manager inside your app store. Things just got more organized. 1Mobile Market has an App manager which offers you a grid control over the actions on your Apps. The grid offers actions like download, update, uninstall, move2Sd etc. Your navigation & control is easier now with app manager and the best part is you can manage apps even if you are offline.

Breakpoint download

We always wanted to pause downloading of that new app we have found and resume it later. And sometimes the internet is too harsh on us, the download gets interrupted and we have to start all over again. Pretty painful when it comes to larger apps isn’t it? Well you don’t have to worry about it anymore because 1Mobile Market comes with Breakpoint download feature. This means you can start your download from where you have stopped. Now your internet cannot be tough on you.

Free Wallpapers

Around 3.1 million free wallpapers are available at 1Mobile Market and 0.6 million photos are shared by users. Well they say sharing is caring. Your app store just got more interactive.

How to Download 1Mobile Market APK in your Android device for free

You can download 1Mobile Market at http://market.1mobile.com/ for free. The site also has a tutorials page wherein it addresses all the possible FAQs a user might have. From definition of an APK file to steps to download apps via QR code it answers various questions on 1Mobile Market. Here is a quick link to the Tutorials page.

Now what are you waiting for Get 1Mobile Market and get your life organized.

How to download 1Mobile Market APK?

If you are on Android device visit this link For 1Mobile Market Google Android Apps 2019


If you are on PC, please visit this link to download http://market.1mobile.com

How to install 1Mobile Market Google Android Apps 2019 ?

Before attempting a manual installation of the application using the .apk file, you must allow your phone to install from “Unknown Sources” (i.e. non-Market apps) at first.
To do it, find Menu -> Settings ->Security and check the box marked “Unknown Sources”.

  1. Install File Manager
    Android cannot browse the data on your SD card spontaneously, so you need a file manager from a market to work it out. There are a variety of file managers available on Android, but my favorite is ASTRO File Manager.
  2.  Copy .apk file to SD card
    Once you have ASTRO File Manager installed, connect your Android device to a PC via USB cable. Mount the SD card and put in the .apk file you would like to install.
    (Skip this step while you download with your phone)
  3. Install .apk
    On your Android device, use ASTRO File Manager to search for the .apk file and select it.
  4. Here will come out a dialog box allowing you to install the app. Select “Open App Manager”.
    On the next two pages, select “Install” twice to install the .apk. When all are done, the installation is finished.

Here is a small video on 1mobile market install Guide 

This App market place gives freedom to users to try some of the best Android apps. The good thing here is all the apps listed here are sorted by experts and you get the refined list of apps.

Some Unique Features: 

• 1.6 million apps and games.
• 3.1 million wallpapers.
• 0.6 million photos are shared by users.

Browse & Download all favourite android apps or games

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The platform gives Hot Apps Recommendation and Recommend the hottest apps at current supply a variety of featured topics to help you find interesting and practical apps

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