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It’s gonna be a little long article so grab your coffee in advanced 😬. But one thing is for sure we will clear all your queries about what is PC optimizer, What is tuneup utilities windows, What is  best pc tune up software and how to install them.

Trust me  we all have been there, opening more than 2 application/software side by side and on PC and there you go, the message pops up……Sorry for inconvenience but window got crashed 🤷‍♂️

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Sound familiar?

But, hold on we have got the solution, we are here to save the day 😀

If your laptop or PC slowing down after using for a while, you don’t want to miss this article. 

Do you want to boost up the performance of your newly bought PC? Or is your existing PC not serving your performance need?

If you have answered “Yes” for any of these questions, then you are at the right place.

Do not worry if you are a non-techie, because if you look a little deeper, PC is just like an extended version of your smartphone, with more capabilities.

So if you are aware of junk files in Android smartphones and cleaning those up, you are enough of a techie to understand this.

In this article we are going to see some of the reliable tune up softwares that you can install in your PC to boost the performance.

Note: If you are confused about what is PC optimizer, What is tuneup utilities windows, What is  best pc tune up software. Well, they are all the same just different name. Basically, they help you from cyber attack, improves your PC security and best of all gives the much needed speed boost to your PC whatever may the configuration.

But the real question is do you really need a software to do that? There are two sides to answer this question i.e. it’s really based on who you are.

Are you a techie and is aware of how computers works, how cache works etc. then you don’t need a software to do the clean-up and boost required for your system’s performance. All you need to do is go to the right folders, delete the unwanted things and clear up some memory. But Trust me, it’s a tedious job when you have to do it more often.

And if you are a non-techie and does not know how these unwanted files gets clogged up in your system, then the answer is simple “Yes”, you do need a software to boost your system. But I would like to say “Yes” for both why because even if you are a techie why do you want to waste your time finding these unwanted files, delete them manually when a software can do it. So it’s “Convenience” for both the people and “Expertise” for the non-techies out there.

Today, Windows 10 can take care of this to an extent. There is an option called “Reset This PC” from the recovery section in Settings, which can reset your computer to a standard of a new one. Windows 10 also comes up with its own disk cleanup program, monitoring and disk defragmentation routines. This tells you that if you are using Windows 10, it already comes up with a basic tune up utility functions. So you need not have a paid Tune-up software because it might not be worth it.

Let’s see some of the free tune-up softwares that can help you boost your system. These are some softwares that are well received by the audience and with the best of the reviews in the market.

Here is our list of Best PC Tune Up Software For Windows| Mac| 2019|2020

Best PC Tune Up Software For Windows

1. First one that tops our list is MalwareBuster

For this, we need to use Anti-malware software which is nothing but MalwareBusterMalwareBuster is the new software in the market which has good reviews and download and helps us in stopping these kinds of malware completely.

To keep you on the safe side and to get complete protection of these threats. MalwareBuster offers a much more complete PC defense solution, protecting you from the latest, much more serious, and ever-evolving online threats – it’s the solution to the most destructive online dangers you’ll face.

Delete Virus From PC! MalwareBuster Download

MalwareBuster is the software which is used to keep your PC complete safe. They are the best in the current market in the category of Anti-Malware software. There are different features inbuilt in the software which are shared in the below. They also offer a free trial which helps you in understanding how the software works and what are the features available and whether it is worth or not.

Once you check and experience with the MalwareBuster then you can purchase the software.

To use the MalwareBuster please click on the below link that will help you in downloading the software for free trial. Once you download open the application and install in your PC or laptop.

Please click on the link for : MalwareBuster For Free Trial Download

In order to purchase the software you need to visit the website and from there you can purchase it or else you can also click on the direct link which is given below after the steps on how to download the software.

How to Purchase and Download MalwareBuster

Malware buster for windows

  • Firstly we need to visit the official website of the MarlwareBuster which gives beside. Official website: MalwareBuster
  • Once you click on the link home page will be displayed.
  • On the homepage itself, you can see a link Buy Now link on the top navigation bar or else you can also click on the button Buy Now which will be displayed on the homepage. Both will redirect to the same page
  • Where you need to enter the quantity and then proceed to check out.
  • After that, you need to enter the billing information like name, address and addition information if any you want to provide.

Key Features In MalwareBuster:

  • MalwareBuster uses Cloud definitions, which uses innovative technology in protecting your PC or laptop.
  • With the help of this technology, it never stops protecting your PC
  • It catches the virus which spies on your online activities and destroys it. So that your documents and files will be safe and secure. Finally, hackers left helpless.
  • It also stops ransomware threats. These threats encrypt and lock you out from your PC and you won’t be able to open your own files. These kinds of threats can’t be affected to your PC if you are using MalwareBuster
  • State of the art is another technology which is used by MalwareBuster to scan the files in your system. With this, it can easily detect any malware in the PC and it will delete.

The above points are the top listed key features in MalwareBuster. You can check the detail information in their official website. The link is shared above.

Points To Be Noted About MalwareBuster:

  • If you have lost or cannot see the purchased license no need to worry. You can simply please contact
  • Many people have a doubt that which operation system need to be used to use this software.
  • This software is compatible with all Windows XP versions and higher versions.
  • Few updates will be only available to Windows 7 and higher versions. So basically every windows user can buy and use this software.
  • If you want to run Anti-virus and MalwareBuster at the same time, there will be no issue you can run it.

2. PC Tonic

WTN 970*250
PC Tonics Software has been certified by AppEsteem.  3 most important feature of PC Tonic which makes them stand out among users are:
1. Instant scan and fix
2. 1-click download
3. Great Customer Support

More helpful information:

PC tonic improves users’ systems and secures online activity as well. It gives you the information about all vulnerable sites and domains on all major browsers.

PC Tonics lets you recover a good amount of storage space on your system by letting you remove all the unwanted items from your system. Enjoy secure & smooth system without interruptions from any unwanted items with PC Tonics.

3. DefenceByte

Defencebyte tune up

Most important features of this software are:

1. Security
2. Block Unwanted URL
3. Set up and forget it, in the background it systematize scan scheduling
4. Easy to set up
5. Lifts PC Performance
6. Most popular among Mac users

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, both 32bit and 64 bit

  • Eliminate programs or files that you do not need. Defencebyte’s Computer Optimizer eliminates programs that are useless.
  • Fix system issues: It resolves the system issues that can be risky for the all-round performance of the computer.
    Eliminate malware: To fight the risks of malware, the magnificent Computer Optimizer does the fixing job for you.

4. Piriform CCleaner

If you own a smartphone, then you might have already heard about this software. This award winning software is trusted by millions and so popular making it the favorite PC optimization tool. The software became so popular because of the ease of use and the amazing one click cleaning feature that even beginners can boost their system in seconds.

5. IObit Advanced System Care

Iobit for windows mac

IObit Advanced System Care is the Techies’ favorite PC Optimizer. Its hands-off approach to PC optimization is so popular in the market. Advanced System Care is known for its interface design and ease of use. Its free version comes with basic cleaning that is enough to boost your computer. If you are person who wants the software to also boost the internet performance then you might need to upgrade to Pro version which comes with a price. Its pro version claims to guarantee safer and more stable system with protected personal data.

6. ToolWiz Care

toolwiz for windows

This excellent freeware solution is absolutely free and has only one edition (i.e. there is no paid edition). ToolWiz also comes with one click feature just like CCleaner. The user interface is neat and the performance of the app is noticeable as it does not take much time to load performs the cleanup very smoothly. ToolWiz software became popular because of the free version with all the functions and the ease of use. But that’s not all about ToolWiz. It also comes with other useful features like screen capture. Though it is not related to the boosting utility, you can use this software for other things as well. It might be envisioned to be a one stop solution for a PC user.

7. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities for mac

Glary utilities perform as good as CCleaner and if you are looking to try out something different from CCleaner without compromising on the software quality then Glary Utilities is the one you are looking for. Glary Utilities comes with its own smart features like auto launch upon installation, pattern learner and Problem Finder. Its pattern learner studies your pattern of cleaning and default this setting whenever you start again. This is one of the fastest utilities and comes with super simplified User interface. You can also know what the software scanned in the show details section which will showcase the problems that has been found by the software.

8. AVG TuneUp

Avg Tune Up for windows

AVG comes with revamped Sleep Mode technology that’s boosts your PC Speed and performance. So what AVG does is go and find the applications that are unwanted and need not be active all the time and puts them in sleep mode. So these programs will only be active once you open them. Once these apps are put into sleep mode, your PC memory is restored and CPU functions better. AVG also identifies unwanted softwares so that you can uninstall them. It has 2 major cleaners which are Disk cleaner and Browser cleaner which can deep clean and make space for things that matter to you. This cleans the cache and makes your system and browser works faster.

Now that you have got your best options, all you need to do is check out the features that makes each of them stand out. If those are the ones that you are looking for, you have found your PC Assist buddy. Let’s get your system Revamped.

A brief information on what is PC optimizer, What is tuneup utilities windows, What is  best pc tune up software and how to install them. 

Nowadays everyone using system or laptop in day to day life either at home or workplace. Technology keeps on developing threats to this technology keep on increasing. We are referring to delete virus from PC.

We need to keep our pc and system clean not in terms of outer look even it relates to the software. Everyone who is familiar with PC or laptop they may already hear about malware or virus. In short, we can say that malware or virus is a piece of code or software which gets installed unknowingly when we connect to the internet. We need to delete virus from PC

Once it affects the system, the performance of the system gets slow, files get corrupted, won’t be able to open the files and few may be deleted. There will be different malware that affects the pc differently so we need to use the software which avoids these kinds of malware attacking our PC and delete virus from PC.

Today we are going to share the details about the new software which helps you in alerting and cleaning your PC. It also deletes the malware from your system and keeps your PC safe. I’d request you to please follow the complete article to know about the software and its key feature. We are also going to share the price of the software and the link of the website from where you can purchase the software.

What is Malware or Virus

Malware which is a piece of software code that threats your PC or laptop performance. There different types of threats when we say malware it is a general word covering all the threats. The threats will like spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, etc.

They create a breach in your system and disturbs the normal working of the PC or laptop. The malware is basically a software code and majorly it enters into the system when we connect to the internet. Mostly they will be in the form of the software application when we click on the unknown links or install any software which we don’t know, then the path will be created to these kinds of malware and get installed in our system.

The effects can be like system gets slow, files will be deleted, or you won’t be able to open the files, the system may function wrongly. To stay safe we need to install anti-malware software. In the market, you may see there are different anti-virus software. Firstly we should understand what is anti-malware and what is anti-virus.

Anti-Malware vs Anti-Virus

First, we see about what is Anti- Malware software? what does it do? Anti-malware software mainly targets malware – malicious software that is hidden online as a program or file which is a serious threat to your PC. Malware includes viruses, ransomware, worms, rootkits, and spyware – these all are designed in such a way that they are used to steal or delete your sensitive data, hijack your PC, and monitor your personal and private activity.

Anti-virus software is similar to Anti-Malware but only deals with the older, lesser of a threat viruses, focusing on fewer complexity threats, this will mainly focus on broad-spectrum protection from such threats as PC lockout and online activity tracking only.