About Us

TechDoobie is just one year old Blog, but even in short time we have been able to achieve important place in Tech world and almost every credit goes to our readers.

So what our users find most interesting ? 

Looking at previous data our readers loves reading our Techtricks section as well as Mobile and Apps section of our site.

We have growing Techdoobie community on Facebook. Join us and be a part of new community discussion, who knows you might help clear someone else’s query and make their day.

If you learn things more by watching tutorial video, we have taken care of it. Just right click and open in new tab our Youtube channel and watch all the videos of Techboobie.

In case you are wondering who are we? 

We are team of three people with different roles assigned to them. Let’s meet all of below:

  • Kundan Singh: Admin- Connect Me Here At Facebook
  • Nishant: Content Writer & Seo- Find Him Here
  • Cinu: Editor